Zong Qinghou: China’s Richest Man talking about his “China Dream”

zong qinghou

Reporter: Now everyone is talking about China dream, you are already China’s richest man, and what is your dream?

Zong: The China Dream is linked with the entire country; it is priority for the country to be strong and free from bullying. In addition, it is important for the Chinese people to get rich, once people become rich, I think this society will be more stable, so that people can feel the happiness.

My personal dream is about getting my business bigger and bringing affluent live to more employees. If it was for me personally, I can quit now to enjoy life.

Reporter: So, you mean you are now working for employees?

Zong: In a sense, yes. They also hope that I can live longer, and more work for another two years (laughs).

Source: 四川在线-华西都市报(Sichuan Online-Huaxi City Post)

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