Zhu Ling’s parents: everything we do is to keep her alive

Zhu Ling’s house is a tower building constructed in the early 1990s in Fangzhuang. Since the accident, the house has never been renovated. The dim corridor, the broken wall, patched sofa and old furniture made the reporter feel going back to the 1990/, two gray-haired, slow-moving elderly enhanced the silence of the house which was filled with a tragedy atmosphere.

Some oxygen bottles stood in the Living room, while Zhu Ling’s father was having an interview with the reporter, the mother was still busy in next door: gave medicines, cleaning …… What made the father sad was that : once a beautiful girl, had been changed into a overweighted and 40-year-old person with severe disabilities; She can not take care of her life and sitting in a wheelchair all day, it seemed that her intelligence was only six or seven. For most of the time, Zhu Ling was always quiet as if she was into a meditative state; from time to time, the mother will carefully wipe the saliva in her mouth.

19 years ago, Zhu Ling was talented and publicly concerned girl. On the evening of 11 December 1994, Zhu Ling Qin performed a Guanglingsan in the Beijing Concert Hall stage, which seemed to be the most brilliant part of her life before curtain dropped off……

Zhu Ling’s father Wu before retirement was a senior engineer in the State Seismological Bureau; the mother of Zhu Ling, Zhu used to work in China COSCO Group. But now they are both over seventy years. The mother, Zhu said: “Over the years, the health of Zhu Ling has been very poor, we have traveled to Beijing hospitals, large or small ones. Everything we do right now is to keep her alive. Zhu Ling had caught a cold with signs of infection of the lungs, the parents declined the reporter’s request to visit Zhu Ling.

Source: 长江日报

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