Zhang Jilong will succeed Fernando in FIFA executive committee!

zhangjilong fifa
Zhang Jilong

With Sri Lankan Fernando being deprived of the FIFA executive committee, according to news came within the AFC, FIFA sent a letter to the newly appointed Chairman of the AFC, Salma requesting to find someone to take over the FIFA executive committee position as soon as possible. Currently Zhang Jilong will be the only qualified person for this position within the AFC. There are more than half of the Executive Committee support Zhang Jilong’s succession of the post, Zhang Jilong’s takeover will be a foregone conclusion, and he will hold the post of FIFA executive committee until 2015.

AFC is currently in full swing in dealing with this matter. It is understood that Zhang Jilong is the only one qualified for this position. Among the 21 AFC Executive Committee, in case more than half of the people support Zhang Jilong, he will officially replace Fernando as the FIFA executive committee. AFC internal message showed that 12 executive committee members have already agreed to Zhang Jilong as a FIFA executive committee.

Zhang Jilong is currently the AFC First Vice-President, AFC Finance and Market Development Committee, the Chairman of the OCA Sports Committee, OCA Executive Committee.

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