To Youth (致青春) refreshing the Chinese 2D film history

to youth6 

To Youth (致青春) or “Our Eventual Lost Younth” is Zhao Wei’s directorial debut, “To us eventually lost youth” is likely to become a popular film as well as a Chinese film benchmark, According to the online new, as of 23 o’clock on the 26th April, the film’s premiere day box office had been more than 45 million yuan (US 7.2 million), passed the “Thai Embarrassing” first day box office 35 million (US 5.6 million), refreshing the Chinese 2D film history.

to youth5

to youth4

to youth3

to youth2

to youth1

to youth

With our youth that eventually will elapse, most of us are too busy to watch this change. You may need this film to remind you some moments that were really touching…

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