Each year about 200,000 children missing in China: Almost no punishment to buyers

By | June 2, 2013

Each year about 200,000 children missing in China
 Each year about 200,000 children missing in China

According to Voice of China “CNR Night News” report that statistics show that there are around 200,000 children missing in China each year, those who have been found and returned account for 0.1% of the total missing children. Behind the huge number of missing children are different family stories.

University of Political Science, Center of International Cooperation Against Trafficking director Zhang Zhiwei said that a lot of people know that buying abducted children is illegal and is considered as criminal acts, but the majority of them are not held criminally responsible for buying children. Even the buying children behaviors are found, the buyers will face only minor administrative penalties, which mean that the cost of crime is very low. In Zhang’s opinion, the criminal penalties for trafficking children shall be increased significantly to fight against children trafficking in China.

Source: CNR

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