Yannakis officially started coaching the men’s national basketball team of China


On the morning of May 14th, Yannakis, the new coach of the Chinese men’s basketball team, has arrived at Beijing Capital Airport, and formally started his career in the Chinese men’s basketball team. After the arrival, the Greek marshal will fully take over the training of the national men’s basketball team of China.

Yannakis’ most important task this year is undoubtedly the Asian Championships held in the Philippines in August of this year which leaved him less than three months for preparation. Team leader Zhang Xiong admitted in an interview: “Time is very tight with a lot of pressure.”

According to the plan, Yannakis will lead the national men’s basketball team through three stages of the warm-up: in early June, there were four matches held in Australia; in the second stage, 3 invitational games will be held in the end of June (opponent may be Ukraine); and lastly the Sino-Central European Basketball competition which includes two stations, each station will have three games. Yannakis is expected to take advantage of these games to make final preparations for the Asian Championships.

Source: 腾讯体育(qq.com)

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