Xinjiang Bachu terrorist violence: 15 people killed, 6 terrorists shot to death

On the 23rd April 2013, a serious and violent terrorist case happened in Keshi bachu county, Northwest China’s Xinjiang Province resulting in 15 people killed (policemen and local staffs), 2 injured, 6 terrorist shot to death and another eight terrorists arrested.

It is reported that at 13:30 of April 23rd, three community workers found a number of suspicious persons with controlled knives (管制刀具) then reported to their superiors by telephone, but soon they were controlled by the terrorists hiding in the house.

After receiving the report, the town police and community officials separately went to the site, but all killed by the terrorists. The previously controlled three community workers were also executed by the terrorists, then the house was lit burning. Police came subsequently killed the terrorists who continued the fight. The violent terrorist case resulted in 15 deaths (10 Uygur, Han, Mongolian, 2) and two people injured (Uygur). 6 terrorist were shot to death and other eight terrorists were arrested.

Through initiative investigation, this is a gang committed to premeditated violent terrorist activities, at present the case is under investigation.

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