Xinjiang Bachu terrorist violence made ​​significant progress: a group of terrorists arrested

China National Counterterrorism Office, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Public Security Meng Hongwei said in an interview on April 29, that the investigation of the Xinjiang Bachu terrorist violence had made ​​significant progress and suggested that the case situation had been basically identified. At present, the public security authorities have arrested a group of terrorists and found out a batch of home-made explosives and lethal weapons and the “East Turkistan” terrorist flags. The follow-up is still in progress.

On the 23rd April 2013, a serious and violent terrorist case happened in Keshi Bachu county, Northwest China’s Xinjiang Province resulting in 15 people killed (policemen and local staffs), 2 injured, 6 terrorist shot to death and another eight terrorists arrested.

Meng Hongwei pointed out that China’s anti-terrorist situation is generally stable, the situation in Xinjiang Province sees continuous improvement in term of improved social stability and order. China is still one of the safest countries in the world. However, affected by international terrorist activities, “East Turkistan” separatist terrorist forces is still penetrating to incite separatism in Xinjiang.

“To crack down violence and terrorist activities is the established policy of our country, there is not any responsible country that can tolerate terrorist activities. For criminals who continue to challenge the rule of law by engaging in the violent and terrorist activities, we will take all necessary means to crack down the terrorist attacks according to law.” Meng Hongwei said.

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