Xinhua News: public opinion called for clarification over the “Zhu Ling” case

Photo of Zhu Ling taken 19years ago

Zhu Ling is now at her 40 with 100% paralysis, almost blind, brain retardation, weighted 100 kg and suffering from loss of language skills.

The long existing and silent Zhu Ling case becomes the public hot topic again after the the happening of the Fudan poisoning case. In 1994 the Tsinghua University girl Zhu Ling from
the chemistry major suffered from bizarre disease which was proved to be a rare thallium poisoning, the poisoning led to her paralysis. Police had locked the killer was closed to her but there is never a conclusion made to the case.

In the past 19 years, there are all kinds of speculations which have never ceased; especially Zhu Ling’s roommate Sun Wei who had been considered as the main suspect. April 18 this year, with wide public concern over the Fudan poisoning case, Sun Wei posted on the Internet saying that “I want more than anyone to bring the murderer to justice.” This speech coupled with her outstanding family background, exacerbated the spread of rumors. Subsequently, the case also attracted the attention of famous stars such ad Chen Kun, Chen Yao, Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing who forwarded microblogging trying to get Internet users to pay more attention to the case of Zhu Ling, with also the hope that Internet users can make donations to help Zhu Ling.

For the administration of justice, this case is indeed a sad story. The long-silent cases does not come back to the public because of any progress, but due to the another college frightening poisoning case which pulls a mockery of the judiciary incompetency. Only when the truth is returned to the public, the public trust over the judicial system can be established.

Source: Xinhua Net

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