Xi’an City: Employment difficulties contribute to study abroad flourish

As of the end of May, college graduates employment rate was 71.81% in Shaanxi Province, which means that the province still has more than 80,000 graduates seeking for jobs.

International Exchange Center of Xi’an Institute of Foreign Affairs, Liu said, “Every day there are about twenty students come to counsel (about study abroad), students majorly choose to study in countries such ad UK, America, South Korea, and those who are interested in Australia, New Zealand are also growing; and in term of major, they are more involved in economic field. Now facing ‘the most difficult season for employment’, study abroad has become very popular.”

“2013 Study Abroad Trend Report in China” shows that in 2012 the number of students studying abroad increased by 59,900 compared to 2011, reaching 399,600, an increase of 17.65 percent which once again set a record high; Chinese students continue to occupy as world’s largest foreign student group in the world. Based on estimates, the number of Chinese students to study abroad in 2013 is expected to exceed 450,000.

Source: Xi’an Evening Post(西安晚报)

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