Xi Jinping’s airport address in Russia

By | March 23, 2013

Xi Jinping’s airport address in Russia


Invited by Russia, Tanzania, Republic of South Africa, Republic of the Congo, the new Chinese President Xi Jinping started his first state visit to the four countries on 22nd March. The delegation’s special plane arrived in Moscow Vnukovo 2 airport at AM 11:45, 22 March. After receiving a warm welcome from the Russian Far East Development Minister Ishayev, Xi Jinping delivered an airport address in which he pointed out that China and Russia are the largest neighbors and major emerging market countries as well as the key forces in maintaining the world peace, security, stability. The development of relationship between China and Russia is in a critical stage, with higher expectations from the people of the two countries regarding the development of Sino-Russian relations and the strengthening of cooperation in various fields. Under the profound and complex changes happening in the world today, China and Russia bear the greater responsibility to contribute to the global peace and development. The Chinese government has considered the development of Sino-Russian relations as a diplomatic direction with priority.

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