Xi Jinping showed up in Tianjin job fairs: “EQ is very important in actual work”

xijinping tianjin
Xi Jinping told Tianjin college graduates & the unemployed: emotional intelligence is of great importance

According to Xinhua News Agency microblogging messages, on the morning of the 14th May, Xi Jinping arrived in Tianjin Human Resources Development Promotion Center. He said that employment was about people’s livelihood, unemployment had been a worldwide problem. Only certain economic growth can support employment, and to help solve the unemployment problem. Thus development of economy to create a bigger cake would be the basis of solving the employment related issues.

Xi Jinping held talks with the college graduates, unemployed persons, when asked whether “emotional intelligence is more important or IQ is important”, Xi Jinping said that emotional intelligence was very important in doing actual work, but of course it should be in the combination with professional knowledge and skills.

Source: ChinaNews (中国新闻网)

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