WTO Deputy Director-General: countries should cancel the agricultural subsidies


According to the news release from the Boaoforum.org, the “Food Security: Asia, Work Together” round-table discussion was held on April 8, 2013 in the Boao Forum for Asia 2013. WTO Deputy Director-General Alejandro Jara said that many governments must change the practise of agricultural subsidies, in fact, this distorted and manipulated the market. All countries should further open their markets, especially the more affluent industrialised countries, agricultural reforms should be carried out.

Jara also mentioned that one aspect of the problem of food security is in the fisheries, “Currently 85% of the world’s fishery resources are over exploited and used. One reason is that some rich countries subsidise their fishing activities, resulting in too many fishing boats in the sea. To reverse this situation, it takes at least a few decades.”

Reference Link: http://www.boaoforum.org/cgzxbd/7671.jhtml

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