World’s best gay travel destinations: China ranked as 48th


According to a recent report from the Austrian magazine “Today”, a well-known German gay institution had selected this year’s list of “the world’s best gay travel destinations. The ranking is published by the headquarter in Germany, the Spartacus International Gay Guide. The 14 assessment indicators cover anti-discrimination legislation, hostile to homosexuality, gay marriage, friendly, customs, security and so on.

The ranking reviews that the Nordic country Sweden is ranked first with 9 points, which is only country to get full mark in indicator of the gay anti-discrimination legislation. Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom tied for second place. Canada, Denmark and Iceland are tied for sixth. Norway, Spain and Uruguay tied for 9th place. China is ranked in the 48th position, lagging behind another Asian country Thailand which is ranked 38th. Generally low rankings are witnessed among other Asian countries and regions: Japan, 60; Taiwan 74; India and South Korea tied for 89.

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