World Table Tennis Championships: Zhang Jike 4-2 won Wang Hao, defending his championship title



On evening of May 20 (Beijing time), men’s singles final of the 2013 Paris World Championships was started as scheduled. Two years have passed, Zhang Jike and Wang Hao met again in the World Championships final. Zhang Jike with a 4-2 win successfully defended his title by saving four game point! This is also Zhang Jike’s four consecutive victory over Wang Hao in the world’s top competitions. Zhang is now on the way to the second Grand Slam of his career.

Wang Hao and Zhang Jike are known as “destined opponents (宿敌)” in the filed. Before this final, the two had met in the world top matches for 4 consecutive times. Except for the 2010 World Cup, Zhang won the rest three key matches: 2010 Rotterdam World Table Tennis Championships, the 2011 World Cup in Paris and the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Zhang’s way of celebration: After the exit of the component

After successfully defending his title, Zhang Jike stretched out his right hand to wave to thank the fans and shook hands and embraced with Wang Hao.

The two players’ coach Liu Guoliang said: “He (Zhang) took the initiative to embrace Wang Hao, after Wang’s exit, then he went to embrace his parents. He is more mature than two years ago. The two demonstrated such a wonderful game in the final, I am proud of them. Wang Hao has the capacity, but he is not in the gold age.”

Source: Tencent Sport

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