World Table Tennis Championships – Li Xiaoxia achieved women’s singles Grand Slam

On evening of May 19, competition of women’s singles of the World Table Tennis Championships ended in Paris . Li Xiaoxia with a 4-2 victory over teammate Liu Shiwen won the championship for the first time, she also became the fourth Chinese women player to win the “Grand Slam” following Deng Yaping, Wang Nan, Zhang Yining. The detailed scores for the sixth-inning match were: 11-8, 4-11, 11-7,12-10,6-11,13-11.

Li Xiaoxia spent five years to achieve the “Grand Slam”, she also became the 14th Chinese player winning the women’s singles champion, and marked China’s 10 consecutive win of title of the women’s singles World Championships”. Liu Shiwen regret again following the missing of women’s singles of the World Table Tennis Championships in 2009 and 2011 .

After the game, Li Xiaoxia said “From 2008 to now, five years have passed, after the losing in Moscow, I had the appendicitis surgery the period after which was the most difficult time for me. I had been struggling with the poor performance, from Rotterdam to the World Cup, I lost twice, and I felt I will lose once it came to finals, then I really wanted to give up. But the coach always gave me the confidence, the faith sustained me.”

“An outsider may not know the kind of days with difficulties, agony of insomnia and other paints that must be sustained.” said Li Xiaoxia. Before the final today, she was still very nervous and last night she can’t even asleep; In order to relieve the pressure on her, before the game she talked with the head coach Lee Shun for 2 hours. “At last I did not know what to say, I told the coach what I was afraid of, what I desired, so that in the field I could be very calm face winning or losing.” Li Xiaoxia said.

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