A woman suffering from mental illness threw away money to downstairs

mental disorder women gave off money
On the afternoon of April 28, residents living in the Yan Dongyuan District found a woman throwing money down from the sixth floor window, the money had been thrown out of the window for four times involving all hundred-dollar notes. District resident, Ms. Wu said: “I did not pay attention, some one was shouting, and then she began to throw money from upstairs, I think there are more than RMB 100,000 (US $16,000), there was money all over the ground floor.”

“There was sound of smashing things at the very beginning” the district staff Zhu told reporters “and later she began to dropped the money, as well as bedding and other things. “Mr. Zhu introduced that the woman was at her early 40s, living alone for years, she was a resident there for nearly 10 years. A neighbor told reporters that the woman rarely communicate with others.

This reporter also learned that through the incident, there were a dozen residents in the downstairs, but no one did loot the money. One resident told reporter that when she was throwing the money she also shouted “Come to pick up money”, everyone was surprised, and did not go to pick up the money. Soon it was reported to the police, the police came to deal with the scene and a police handling the case told reporter that when they come to deal with the money on the ground, no one was picking up the money.

In the afternoon, the police got in touch with the mother of the woman in Qingdao. It is understood that the woman has a history of mental illness, received mental treatment three years ago, this would be a relapse.

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