Wife addicted to playing iPhone, the husband sued for divorce

“The farthest distance in the world happens when we are sitting together, but you are playing with iPhone.” When such distance exists between Jun and his wife, Wu, for five years, Jun could not stand it anymore: he went to court to sue for divorce. At the trial, Wu seemed that the case had nothing to do her, and she was even playing with her phone in the court, which made the judge of the Haishu District People’s Court wordless.

Wu was 28-year-old, and her husband, Jun was 4 years elder than her. The two had been in marriage for more than five years with a 4-year-old child. And for more than five years, Jun never stopped the complaining:

“She resigned and stayed at home to avoid pregnancy miscarriage (保胎), after giving birth to our baby, she has been at home to take care of the baby without looking for a job. Of course, since I have a good income, I would not have any questions that she stays at home. But she absolutely was not really engaged in taking care of the baby, and spent most of the time on computers and mobile phones.”

“In fact, I knew she liked the Internet, we fell in love on the Internet. She used to indulge in online games. After marriage, with a lot of persuasion she finally gave up the game playing.”

“In early 2011, in order to break up the monotony, I bought her an apple iPhone, ever since then playing microblogging and micro-letters became her whole life. She’s been playing with the phone all days, and did not even pay attention to what I said, answers will usually be “ah” and “oh”. After a number of times, I really can not bear it. Frequent disputes and cold war were intensified.”

On the court, Wu said she was own introverted, quiet and not good at dealing with people, but she had found her gift of communication in the virtual world. “Microblogging or Weixin ware actually all about typing, I felt I can better manage expression in typing words” she said.

Wu, who was not good at talking entrusted a lawyer as agent on court. A dramatic scene took place on the court. “She had hundreds of microblogging fans, but in real life she got very few friends”, then Jun pointed out on court: “Judge, you see she is still playing with her iPhone.”

The judges looked to Wu, who had handed over all document to the lawyer and was leisurely brushing the screen of her phone. The judge criticized: “Phones are not allowed to be used in hearing, which is the order of the court.”

Wu recognized her mistake, and the judge also took the opportunity to start the education:”phone playing can not provide food, and you have to continue your real life; though you have friendships in the virtual, your marriage and happiness in real life has been sacrificed.”

During the mediation, Wu was weeping, and admitted her mistake and said that both for her marriage and for their child, she does not want to divorce.

Finally Jun’s heart was soften and the meditation was successful, the divorce was avoided.

Source: 现代金报

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