Why terrorist attacks always happen in Xinjiang?

With the most recent series of terroristattacks happened in Xinjiang Province that killed 24 people, one may ask that why terrorist attacks always happen in Xinjiang Province but relatively rare violence situations are found in other provinces in China?

The reasons could be three-fold:

First of all, 13 minority ethnics consist of over 60% percent of the total population in Xinjiang Province. These minorities have difference social customs and cultural habits with the major Han population among whom no major prevalent religion beliefs are found. Cultural differences set the basis for hatred and misunderstands.

Secondly, in stead of the long term wrong understanding that the minorities in the Xinjiang Province are suppressed by the government, they are actually entitled a number of special rights which enable them to keep their customs such as carrying big knife in travel. What is more, minority criminals who are from Xinjiang Province can only handled by Xinjiang local legal department and also they tend to received mitigated legal responsibilities. The legal special care entitled to the minorities in Xinjiang Province also contribute to the higher chance of terrorist attacks in this province where race relationship is already intense historically.

Thirdly, Xinjiang is bordering with 8 countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Mongolia, India and Afghanistan. The terrorist attacks in Xinjiang involving international terrorist organizations is also common.

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