Why so many Chinese passengers taking the crashed Korean flight?

Local time 6 o’clock, an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft encountered a crash landing in San Francisco International Airport, killing two people and injured more than 180 people. It is confirmed that, plane was carrying 141 Chinese passengers, among which two women were killed (two girl middle school students were throw out of the plane and killed).

According to industrial insiders and media reports, the flight from South Korea to the United States attract many Chinese passengers because of two major reasons:

First of all, the ticket fare is relatively low while the flight frequency is higher than the major domestic airlines in China.

Secondly, from May 1 this year onwards, the Chinese tourists making transit from Korea can enjoy up to 30 days visa-free benefits, which attracts a large number of Chinese tourists to choose airlines in Korea and take transit flights from Seoul and Busan heading for the United States.

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