Why Chinese torists speak so lound? Why are Chinese tourists so rude?

Why Chinese torists speak so lound? Why are Chinese tourists so rude?

Chinese people’s lound voice was formed and shaped by some major factors:-

Geographical Factors

China has nearly two-thirds of its territory in the mountainous regions. In the thousands of years time, Chinese people in these areas tend to speak lounder than those who live in the costal areas and plains.

Traditional Morality Encourages Lounder Speakers

From traditional morality, the Chinese culture does not directly judge lound voices. In contrast, there are many words and set phrases complimenting the lound voices such as 声如洪钟(One’s voice is like a great bell).

Traditional Culture Emphsize Close Relationship Instead of Individual Privacy

In traditional culture, people were afraid of being left behind or alone. Therefore, looking at the moon and missing the families by oneself is considered as an expression of loneliness. People with traditional thinkings in China usually tend to gather some friends and families forming a small circle or network of Guanxi(关系).

Despite these factors, with rapid westernization and urbanization, the basis for lound voices in China is greatly reduced. Therefore, we can see that many Chinese tourists are starting to feel embrassed seeing someone elses’ speaking loundly in public places.

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