Where is the 100,000 yuan donation made to China Red Cross going?

Two years have passed since the Guo Meimei event which brought a critical hit to the Chinese Red Cross with impacts continue today, in order open the black box and increase the transparency of the charity business, the Chinese Red Cross had developed a donation online tracking system for the public checking of each donation made to Red Cross in China.

April 24, an elder named Guan Yinhan donated 10,3324.2 yuan or US $16,532 to the China Red Cross in Shengyang, Northeast China’s Liaoning Province. Guan is over 100 years old, the story had attracted the media attention in responding to which some people believed it was just a show arranged by the China Red Cross to restore its reputation and image in China.

But even in respect of such doubted donation, the following-up usage of the donation still cannot be tracked under the online tracking system. A reporter open the China Red Cross official website which showed that the China Red Cross system had received a total donation of 666.7771 million yuan (US $ 106.68 million), but when the reporter tried to retrieve the donation record of Guan Yinhan, the system returned “No specified donation record”.

In response to such situations, the Red Cross seemed to be prepared and the answer was that the situation could be caused by either error information or the donation was made to the local branches of Red Cross, in the latter cases, one had to go back to the place where the donation was received. The reporter tried every mean possible but still cannot find the donation record.

Based on the investigation, the reporter concluded that while tracking a donation valued more than 100,000 yuan could be as difficult as this, tracking a common hundred yuan donation seems be a impossible task.

Source: qq.com (腾讯网)

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