What is silence mode in Foxconn?

The so-called silent mode is a management rule adopted in Foxconn in China which is a major manufacturer of the Apple products, the rule requires that employees can not talk about any non-work related content in the workshop; even talking about work, employees are required to lower down the volume to a minimum and prevent a third party to hear about job content; the conversations involving three or more must be held in an office area, otherwise relevant employees may be punished or even expelled.

April 24, in Zhengzhou Foxconn a 24-year-old male employee jumped to his death; just three days later a 23-year-old female employees jumped from the 6th floor of the apartment. Zhengzhou factory workers’ jumping tragedies are believed to be related to the “silent mode” to some extent.

Source: CNR (中国广播网)

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