What do Chinese people have for breakfast?

What do Chinese people have for breakfast?

As catering culture varies throughout the huge China, there is no single food that all Chinese people would have for breakfast though still we can name some combinations commonly welcomed among the Chinese community (even inherited in most China Towns outside China).

Typical breakfast no.1:

White rice porridge+Fried Bread Stick+various Snacks (most welcomed in the south China’s GuangDong Province as well as HongKong and Macau):


Typical breakfast no.2:

Congee+Corn Bun+Salted Vegetable (Welcomed in the North China):

Corn Bun+ congee+salted vegetable

In some provinces, in particular those in the North West China such as Shanxi and Shaanxi,  noodles are preferred for all day long. Therefore, here is the typical breakfast no.3:

Tomato Beef Noodles

tomato noodle


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