What believes China people hold? Do Chinese people have beliefs?

Zhao Qizheng – Dean of the School of Journalism, People’s University, former director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

Chinese people’s belief often arouses curiosity of foreigners as it is learnt that about 84% of the world’s population claimed that they had religion beliefs but the majority of the Chinese people do not believe in any religion. Therefore, it is normal for foreigners to ask, since there is no belief in China, what are the criteria in life? How conducts are Beijing regulated?

In fact, human beliefs are diversified. In addition to the religious beliefs and cultural beliefs, there could be scientific beliefs, political beliefs, and even the life beliefs. For example, science could be a kind of belief which is the pursuit and perseverance of truth such as what Copernicus, Bruno had believed in term of insisting on heliocentric theory. People sacrifice for what they believe, that was why Marie Curie who suffered from cancer still adhered to the great faith of science.

At different times, there are different political beliefs, such as “Wen Tianxiang” (文天祥, a historical hero who insisted on resistance to Kublai Khan’s invasion of the Song, known for his refusal to yield to the Yuan Dynasty despite being captured and tortured, he is a popular symbol of patriotism and righteousness in China). A lot of people stick to their principles, even sacrifice for their believed principles. Also in the arduous anti-Japanese war, many people are fighting for their strong political beliefs despite being killed.

Culture is the lifeblood of China, the spiritual beliefs of the people; one important reason for the Chinese community to continue for thousands of year is the cultural beliefs which could be political beliefs, scientific beliefs, and life beliefs, but not necessarily be religion beliefs.

Original title: Zhao Qizheng, denied that “Chinese people had no believe”

Source: People’s Daily

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