Wenzhou to build “Airbus”, cost RMB 200 million (US$ 32 million) per km

china to build airbus
“Airbus” has been in operation in Germany more than 100 years, but there has been no large-scale application worldwide

Recently, there is news that a “Airbus’ project in Wenzhou City (Zhejiang Province) has been submitted to the State Development and Reform Commission for approval, and could be started next year if everything is going smoothly.

An official in charge of the traffic jam reduction in Wenzhou city government confirmed to reporter, that the Wenzhou government does have the idea of building the ​​”Airbus” transportation system with the main purpose to ease the traffic jam. According to reports, the soft soil characteristics in Wenzhou make it not suitable for construction of subway and light rail, but the “Airbus” can be an alternative.

“The advantage of this mode of transport is that it does not expand the city’s existing road infrastructure, and would be more suitable for narrow geographical shape of Wenzhou city.” said the relevant responsible person of Wenzhou City Transportation Management Group.

On the other hand, compared to the cost of construction of subway and light rail, construction of “Airbus” will be cost saving. For instance Hangzhou Metro Line cost nearly RMB 600 million (US$ 96 million) per kilometer, the cost of ordinary light rail is RMB 300 million (US$ 48 million) per kilometer; in contrast, based on estimates, “Airbus” track construction costs probably only about RMB 200 million (US$ 32 million).

According to the current proposal, the Wenzhou “Airbus” line will be from west to east with a total length of about 10 kilometers.

According to the preliminary investigation, this plan is feasible; its final adoption will be subject to experts’ professional assessment and higher authorities’ approval.

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