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微信(WeiXin) or WeChat is a smart phone based communication tools developed by the Chinese largest IT company Tencent which owns the instant messenger, QQ. WeChat is a Kik software which is compatible with S60v3, S60v5, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and iPhone platforms. Tencent launched WeChat on January 21, 2011. The WeChat users can share text and images with friends via smartphone, and the software also supports group chat and voice, video intercom function, broadcasting (one-to-many) news, photo / video sharing, location sharing, information exchange contact, sharing of media content feed and location-based services. The software supports multiple languages, as well as Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G data networks. 微信(WeiXin)or WeChat and all of its features are completely free.

As of the end of 2013, the total user s of WeChat exceeded 600 million including 100 million users outside of China.

Download WeChat

Download WeChat for iPhone / OS, Google Play, Window Phone, Nokia by clicking visiting the official website of WeChat:-


Features of WeChat

Live Chat

Chat with friends in a Live Chat session (available in the latest versions of WeChat for iOS and Android)

Click “+” in a group chat conversation and select “Live Chat”.

livechat wechat1livechat wechat2


An invitation message will be sent to the group chat’s members automatically. Hold the button in the middle. Talk after the tone when the indicator light turns green.livechat wechat3

Members in the Live Chat will hear you immediately. Only one person can talk at a time. The indicator light will turn red if you press the button while others are speaking, and you won’t be able to talk.

Chat History Backup

Back up your chat history and restore it to your new device. (Note: Chat History is only stored for 7 days.)

Select “Settings”->”General”->”Chat History Backup”. Click “Back Up” and select the conversations you would like to back up. You can set a password for the chat history uploaded.

chat history1

chat history3

chat history4


Select “Social” -> “Shake”. You will see a notice for new users. Shake needs to access your location data. Please make sure you have both enabled Location Services from your iPhone’s Settings menu and that WeChat has been granted permission in the Location Services sub-menu. Choose someone from “people found” and “Send Greeting” to make friends.




Is WeChat free?

It’s free to download, install and use WeChat. However, you may need to pay your carrier for internet service.

How do I register?

You can log in to WeChat with your Facebook account or sign up with your phone number.

How do I retrieve my password?

Click “Can’t access your account?” in login page and follow the instructions.

Will WeChat contacts see my phone number?

No, your phone number will not be shown on WeChat.

What’s the difference between WeChat ID and WeChat name?

WeChat ID is your unique name that friends can search for to find you. Wechat ID can be changed once only. WeChat name is your primary name shown to other WeChat users, and it can be changed as often as you like.

How do I find my friends?

You can search for them via their WeChat IDs or their phone numbers directly, or you can link your phone address book to let WeChat find your friends for you with Recommended.

Can all of my contacts see all comments made on my photo?

Your friends will only see comments from those users who are also their friends.

Can I restrict the visibility of my photos?

Yes. You can set the visibility to Private; only you will be able to see the photo. If you send the photo to other friends and then select Private, then it will only be visible to you.

Is my album visible to users not in my Contacts list?

A portion of your album may be visible to users not in your Contacts list. If you initiate a user-finding feature, your 10 most recent photos will be visible to a user using the same feature.

How do I know whether my message has been read by the recipient?

Sorry, there is no way to know this. We think this is the private information of the other user and we do not disclose it. You can, however, see when they are typing a reply.

News about WeChat

WeChat Obtained TRUSTed Cloud Data Privacy Certification

WeChat on 28th December announced that the WeChat international version and its website has obtained the Cloud Data Privacy Certification from the data privacy management (DPM). WeChat is among the first batch of mobile based social communication applications getting the certification.

It is learned that the TRUSTed Cloud Data Privacy Certification is based on the application’s performance in five different mobile operating systems (Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone) under the operating environment of 16 languages. This certification proves that the WeChat application has met all the privacy certification requirements set by TRUSTe…Read More

WeChat launched full compensation protection to guarantee its payment system

“Do you dare to pay, I will compensate your lost!” – The full compensation mode for the WeChat online payment has been activated.

The WeChat Payment in October 2013 announced a partnership with China PICC to launch full compensation protection scheme under which users who suffer from stolen funds will receive full compensation from PICC. In claiming the compensation, the applicants are required to provide the corresponding identity card and the proof of the loss, then the user can get full compensation from PICC, one of the largest insurance companies based in China.

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