Wearing sexy bikini at work in Changsha, Hunan Province


According to the news report of SanXiang City Post, the reporter has recently found a cafeteria named Kim Hong Bao in Changsha, Hunan Province, in which all the waitresses are wearing bikini to attend diners, and waiters and chef are all wearing beach pants. Regarding such a way to attract the attention of customers, different views are expressed in the society. The Hunan Restaurant Association President Zhou Xinchao said, “the costume of each restaurant is free with its own characteristics, the key is whether it is acceptable or not by the public.”

Entering into the Kim Hong Bao International Cuisine Cafeteria, consumers will be surrounded by an elegant and relaxed mood. At first glance, all the waitresses in the restaurant are wearing a sexy bikini, slippers and sunglasses in serving the diners, and waiters and cooks are also wearing beach shorts and slippers walking around.

The reporters found out that customers are almost all young people, and mostly are urban white-collar and couples. Among them, a woman customer said: “At first glance, the feeling is a little awkward, but this way is very special, and also is acceptable.” Another couple also expressed their views, “the overall feeling is luxury, elegant , but still there some feeling is missing as there is no sea and sand. ”

 Waitresses keep “wearing sexy bikini at work” a secret from their families

Wearing a bikini and walking around in public places is not part of China’s traditional culture, and it is difficult to be accepted by many women. The reporter has learned that the restaurant has eight waitress before and 4 waitresses has resigned since they can not accept it or their boyfriends did not agree wearing bikini at work . Still the restaurant continues to recruit people.

The professor of Sociology from Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Mr. Fang Xiangxin, said: “This approach is a bit out of line which can temporarily attract eyeballs, but it has no benefit to the social climate, even a little negative impact. A theme restaurant should pay more attention to their own service quality and service level”

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Editorial Comment: There is no harm for restaurants to try new marketing strategies. It seems still “within the line”.

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