“Water price should be increased by 10 times”

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According to the news release from the China.com.cn, recently chairman of the China Water Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Water), Wang Wenke said in the 2013 (11th) Strategic Forum on Water Sector (2013年第十一届水业战略论坛) that “the price of water should be increased to 30 yuan to 40 yuan per ton” which means that the price of water needs to be increased by 10 times based on the current water price. Some people expressed concern about the rising cost of living if price increase is coming.

This morning, chairman of the China Water, Wang Wenke responded to matter through the Xinhuanet “first response” column. Wang Wenke said, “price increases proposal is based on the status that China’s water quality is not optimistic, there are still serious waste of water for many years. It (price raising) is designed to appeal to the public and the community to enhance awareness of water conservation. Thus it cannot not be simply understood as how much the price of water will be increased, in addition China Water has no price adjustment plan.”

Wang Wenke said that China is a country with water shortage, the effective protection of water resources and economical use is directly related to the sustainable economic and social development, from the economic point of view, the current price level is still not enough to raise people’s consciousness of water saving. Under the existing circumstances, the implementation of the price ladder and other measures will be helpful in enhancing the public, especially the major water users to participate in water-saving initiative.

According to the China Water Net, the price of water accounted for less than 1% of the residents pay compared to the internationally accepted standards 3-5% as proposed by the World Bank report which should be higher in places with more severe water shortage. Wang Wenke believes water in China should be priced in accordance with the level of service water supply as well as the degree of water shortage in different regions to give adequate return to enterprises and also encourage enterprises to provide the community with better quality water. In case of balance money, it could be used in ecological protection, environmental governance, but it also can be used for subsidies to the poor. The price of water can account for 1-2% of the living cost among the poor, while the percentage could be 3-5% among the affluent social class to reflect better social equality.

Reference Link: http://news.china.com.cn/2013-04/16/content_28559763.htm

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