Warning signal: Mass of nitro-organic particulate matter identified in the recent foggy and hazy weather in Beijing

Warning signal: Photochemical smog major components identified in the recent foggy and hazy weather in Beijing


Beijing in the foggy weather

For the past two months, continual foggy and hazy weather (雾霾天气) has covered large area in China including the capital city of Beijing resulting in inconvenience to people. Beyond the direct impacts such as harm to people’s health, the damage and warning signal of this kind of air pollution must be considered carefully.

According to the most recent report released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, mass of nitro-organic particulate matter is identified in the air comprising the strong foggy and hazy weather in Beijing and Tianjin. It is commented that nitro-organic particulate matter is the major component of the Photochemical smog, which is also known as “Los Angeles smog” that killed more than 800 people in the mid of last century. Obviously, the recent bad whether transmits a strong signal of danger to the Chinese people and also the government. More immediate actions as well as long term strategic policy decisions should be made by the Chinese people and the policy makers in order to avoid any possible catastrophe and there are a lot of lessons we can learn from other countries. 

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