Wang Yang: Partial tourists’ behaviors are detrimental to the impression of Chinese tourists

The State Council today held a teleconference on the implementation of the Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China. Wang Yang, vice premier of the State Council at the meeting that some Chinese tourists exhibited uncivilized behaviors which were criticized by the foreign media, and thus image of Chinese people had been damaged. The Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China puts forward specific demands of civilized behaviors of tourists, made prohibitions of uncivilized behaviors.

Wang stressed that the tourism as a business in China has entered the stage of rapid development with more and more residents traveling abroad, which was widely welcomed by the world. It should be noted that some tourists exhibited uncivilized behaviors, such as public tumult, drawing and lettering on the the tourist attractions, running red lights, spitting and other uncivilized behaviors which were often criticized by the media with serious impacts.

Source: ChinaNews(中国新闻网)

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