Wang Liqin and Ma Lin quit the national table tennis team

wangliqin quit national team

On the evening of December 8 (Beijing time), the Olympic champion Ma Lin married his girlfriend Zhang Yaqing. During the wedding scene, Ma Lin announced that he has officially quit the national table tennis team. In an interview with the Tencent reporters, head coach Liu Guoliang revealed that Ma Lin, Wang Liqin and other 6 national team players have quit the national team, fans will never see them again in the formal matches.

Although Wang Liqin and Ma Lin are both Olympic champions, head coach Liu Guoliang said that in the future they will not stay in the national team as a coach.

Source: Tencent Sports Editorial Comment: Will this leave a chance for other countries such as Singapore and Malaysia to chase these two world champions as the national team head coach? Who know, but the fact is that the national team could still affect strongly the future plan of these retired world champions and any major decisions made by them.

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