Wan Biao resigned from as CEO of Huawei Terminal

According to reliable source, Huawei Device CEO Wan Biao had recently resigned from the post of CEO of Huawei Terminal, and was transferred to Huawei Russia Area as the person in charge. The Terminal CEO post will be temporarily taken over by the vice president of Huawei and terminal chairman Yu Chengdong. Tencent Technology requested An official confirmation from Huawei, which replied that this was part of the normal internal human source mobility.

Last year, Huawei consumers BG achieved a global sales of 48.376 billion yuan (US 7.74 billion), an increase of 8.4%. The number of shipments last year reached 127 million units, of which smart phone shipments totaled 32 million units, an increase of 60%. In the fiercely competitive market in 2012, such achievement is not easy. Wan Biao had expected that in 2013 smart phone shipments will reach 60 million.

Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei Terminal had also pointed out that in 2013 the business strategy for terminal business will focus on quality, to increase brand awareness and to launch smartphones targeting at user needs. Both high-end and low-end will not given up. As of last year, Huawei terminal products entered into more than 150 countries and markets covering more than 500 operators worldwide. Its high-end smartphones penetrated into leading operators such as Vodafone, and LTE phone penetrated into United States, Japan and other 10 countries.

Source: 腾讯科技 (Tencent Technology)

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