Volkswagen DSG recall took three years in China but one month in the US

To some extent, the Volkswagen DSG recall which lasted for more than three years, in fact, is a copy to the U.S. DSG recall event, but under different market environments and regulatory policies, the mass recall in the United States took a month’s time. But in the Chinese market, Volkswagen had managed this process artificially delayed and lasted for more than three years. To a certain extent, with the delay Volkswagen gained the new car sales profits, but in respect of the brand reputation and word of mouth, it is too early to say whether the decision is smart enough.

Exactly the same situation in China was found four years ago in the United States when Volkswagen’s DSG recall plan also began with the complaints from consumers. The complaints were majorly from the commonly found Volkswagen DSG problem which was described by the vehicle owners and the media as a “flash of death” causing power output interruption. Similar cases were exposed in CCTV 3.15 show in China.

Volkswagen has been renowned for advanced technology and processes, turbocharged engine TSI plus DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission combination, or TD combination, had been called as the invincible strategic weapons of Volkswagen in the Chinese market, but under the current situation in China, one might probably have a big question mark over the future of the TD combination.

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