Volkswagen cars have serious DSG problem outside the recall coverage

dazong dsg

Recently, Mr. Li from Nanping, Fujian Province told China’s auto consumption network that only two days after his purchase of the new Volkswagen Sagitar (1.4T + DSG) car, the car broke down due to gearbox failure with under normal usage. Vehicle was towed to the 4S shop, the staff diagnosed the case as product quality problem, and claimed that the maintenance will spend at least three weeks or longer; and what made Mr. Li angry was that the Volkswagen 4S shop refused to assume its 1,300 yuan trailer rescue costs, and within the 3 weeks of maintenance, the 4S shop refused to provide alternative transportation or compensation.

In respect to the above problems, the FAW-Volkswagen official from the service call center said that if there is a quality problem, customer can contact for repairing or replacement of the appropriate accessories to solve the issue; but outside of vehicles, no relevant provisions of other services such as the alternative driving, trailer fees or compensation.

Source: 中国汽车消费网(China’s auto consumption network)

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