Vice mayor car overspeeding at 194km/h due to “official duty”

The media reported that in Wuwei, Gansu Province, a vice mayor official vehicle was traveling at 194 kilometers per hour on the freeway, over speeding by 61%, local staff responded that it was “because of the work emergency. Local Government Bulletin, on the afternoon of the 19th, announced that the vice mayor was not using the car, but other government staff took the car to perform the official duties. It’s said that the Local driver has been published in accordance with the law, and also the government staff has also been criticized.

The media again does a good job in bringing the irregularities back to justice. The government officials should do better as examples of respecting the rule of traffic and help to create a safe traffic environment. Thus more policies are to made to specify the possible situations under which these official cars can break the traffic rules to carry out the specified tasks to reduce the happening of the similar problems in the future.

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