A veteran recalled the Korean War: Those died in car accidents were more than those killed by enemies

Li Jinyun sometimes has a dream, a more real dream about his comrades sacrificed in DPRK during the Korean War.

From November 1950 to January 1952, the troop where he stayed took part in the third, fourth and fifth campaign against the US troops in Korean Peninsula, which were decisive battles, and were also the most difficult battles.

As the engineer in the army, Lin Jinyun deeply felt the importance of supplies in the Korean War. Besides the military strength, the frontline troops also competed on military supply which was the witness of the China led “United Nations forces”. His 15th engineer troop was fighting in the hills, the troop was supplied via a rugged road, but the blockade from the enemy was extremely powerful. The road received almost non-stop airplane bombing, thus road repairs needed to be done from every now and then to facilitate the delivery of materials and equipments. Thus although Li Jinyun did not fight face to face with a gun with enemies, intense fighting was usual along the traffic line.

Many of comrades in the Corp of Engineers died along this critical transportation line either because of the incendiary bombs dropped by the enemy planes or car accidents. “Because the cars did not turn on the lights at night (avoid being spotted), those died in car accidents were more than those who were killed by enemies.” Li Jinyun said that over 50 drivers had been killed in the troop.

Source: Xinhua Net

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