Two “strong pigs” rescued 45 days after the Ya’An earthquake

Two “strong pigs” were rescued in Xueshan village, Baoxing County yesterday

Yesterday was the 45th day since the “4.20” Ya’An earthquake occurred in Lushan County, Sichuan Province, but still two “strong pigs(猪坚强)” were rescued in Xueshan village, Baoxing County in the ruins. They are trapped among stones and walls before being dragged out. Local villagers speculated that during the days being buried, the two pigs ate dirt and had rains for a living. Their weight has been reduced from around 40kg to 25kg.

Online comments:

“This story tells us how important it is for us to store some fact in our body in usual days!!!”

“The control of diet is the most effective way for weight loss.”

Source: Chengdu Business Post (成都商报)

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