Two farmer workers refused free ride: No thanks, we got dust

At 8:30 yesterday morning, Mr. Wang drove in a road when he saw a middle-aged man handed another middle-aged man whose right ankle was bandaged through the traffic in front of the subway fence.

Mr. Wang looked at the scene and pulled over and said: “where are you going, I give you a drive!” They said “no, thank you, our body got sweat and ash, may make the cushion dirty.” Despite seven or eight minutes’ persuasion, Mr. Wang had to give up as they didn’t agree anyway.

Source: Wuhan Evening Post

ChinaAbout.met editorial comments: Similar situations are not rare. It had been reported for a number of times that farmer workers and migrant workers did not sit on the seats while traveling via subway even the train coach was empty in major cities of China. It seems a common social trend that these new urban workers have separated themselves as a lowed class and minority group in the society. We can not blame this on psychological factors but enhanced social classification which is resulted by various reasons such as increased gap between rich and poor and the Hukou household registration system.

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