Trial of “new education method”: A principal knelt down to all students

May 2 was an unforgettable day for Yang Gongmiao school students. On the first school day after the May Day holiday, as usual the students gathered and waited for leaders of the school to address to the students. But no one would ever expect that principal Yang Wenjun stood under the flag facing more than 700 students, but suddenly knelt down. After a passionate address, students found tears in the principal’ eyes.

Suddenly, the teachers and students were stunned. Some chatting students became quiet, but some students laughed secretly.

Yang Wenjun’s kneel down caused much controversy among the teachers. A teacher of anonymity, said Yang Wenjun as a school principal knelt down to all students, this act was hard to be understood; as an old saying goes “there is gold beneath men’s knees”, now it really confused and embarrassed the teachers.

On the morning of May 21, the reporter saw the principal Yang Wenjun Yang in Gongmiao school who said kneeling down was not because the poor student test scores, but that he was trying a way of education.

Yang Wenjun said that students were not motivated to study. In his view, the students in the town schools were generally not focusing on learning for several reasons: first, many performing students left town level schools to the city level schools; second, there was a lack of family support among the students. Yang Wenjun introduced that among 700 students in the Yang Gongmiao school, about 70% of them were “left-behind” children (留守儿童). These students started to live in the schools since the first grade.Rebellious character was common among these students.

Thus Yang Wenjun decided to conduct an educational trial which should be different from the traditional way of education, to stimulate students’ inner gratitude and passion for learning.

Source: 红网:潇湘晨报

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