Tracy McGrady quoted $ 2,000,000, scared off CBA teams

On August 26, Tracy McGrady officially announced his retirement from NBA, but he did not want to completely end his career. Speaking to the media in the United States about the possibility of playing in China, he said the “door remains open.”

But there is costs to maintain the career door open for Tracy McGrady in China. This is a very practical question: how much is enough to attract Tracy McGrady to come to China.” In fact, the Qingdao team (where McGrady worked for in the last season) did try to talk to Tracy.” An insider claimed that “Tracy McGrady insisted on season’s offer to be nearly $ 2 million, much higher than that of the last season. ”

Last season, McGrady attended 29 games for Qingdao Double Star team,
and provided 25 points, 7.2 rebounds and 5.1 assists per game. It was rumored that the Qingdao Double Star paid a total salary of $ 1.2 million or so. This time, Tracy McGrady increased the quote by nearly $ 800,000.” And the price is too high for Qingdao team.” Insider said, because Tracy McGrady’s high price offer, the Qingdao club has suspended the talks. The $ 2 million offer also keeps away many CBA teams, “So far, in fact there are not many CBA clubs being in contact with Tracy McGrady.”

Source: Tencent Sports

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