Tracy McGrady officially announced his retirement from the NBA, may come back to CBA

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Tracy McGrady officially announced his retirement from the NBA

Beijing time on August 26, “ESPN” published a piece of shocking news, Tracy officially retired from the NBA! However, this does not mean he will be officially retired, on the contrary he is likely to continue to seeking career development oversea such as coming back to CBA.

But when asked whether or not he will consider the continuation of CBA career in China, McGrady gave an affirmative reply, “I have officially retired in the NBA, but other doors remain open.”

These meaningful words, is considered as a signal for McGrady to return to the CBA in the new season. Last season Tracy McGrady came to Qingdao Team with ambitions, but the team’s ranking was at the last place when the season ended. This ranking made him feel somewhat unwilling, but fortunately Tracy McGrady’s personal data was very well with average 25 points, 5.1 assists and 5.6 rebounds per match, the only one in CBA scoring 25 +5 +5 in the last season. To this end, the general manager of Qingdao team had repeatedly expressed the hope that the Qingdao Team and Tracy McGrady could work together again.

Most recently, Tracy McGrady just announced on his Twitter that he will determine the prospects for the new season, whether to continue to play in the NBA, or return to the CBA. And now as he officially retired from the NBA, but does not close the door to others, it probably means that in the new season, the Chinese fans will hopefully see again TMAC running on the fields.

Source: Tencent Sports

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