Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China – Chapter VIII

Chapter I General Provisions
Chapter II Tourist
Chapter III Tourism planning and promotion
Chapter IV Tourism operation
Chapter V Travel Services Contract
Chapter VI Tourism Safety
Chapter VII Travel Supervision and Administration
Chapter VIII Tourism Disputes Handling
Chapter IX Legal Liability
Chapter X Supplementary Provisions

Article 91 The people’s governments above the county level shall designate or establish a single tourist complaint acceptance authority. In case the accepting institution receives the complaint, it shall proceed the handling or hand over to relevant departments, and inform the complainant.

Article 92 In case dispute happens between the tourists and tour operators, the dispute can be resolved by the following means:

(A) Negotiation;

(B) Consumer associations, tourist complaint acceptance authority or mediation organizations;

(C) The arbitrary body for arbitration under the arbitration agreement reached by the tour operators and the tourists;

(D) The people’s court.

Article 93. Consumer associations, the travel complaint handling agencies and related mediation organizations shall mediate disputes between tourists and tour operators on a consensual basis.

Article 94 In case dispute happens between the tourists and tour operators, and a large number of tourists have a joint request, tourists may elect representatives to participate in the negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation activities.

This English version of the “Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China” was translated by editors for reference only.

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