Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China – Chapter VI

Chapter I General Provisions
Chapter II Tourist
Chapter III Tourism planning and promotion
Chapter IV Tourism operation
Chapter V Travel Services Contract
Chapter VI Tourism Safety
Chapter VII Travel Supervision and Administration
Chapter VIII Tourism Disputes Handling
Chapter IX Legal Liability
Chapter X Supplementary Provisions

Article 76. The people’s government at or above the county level is responsible for tourism safety. The people’s governments at or above the county level shall fulfill travel safety regulatory responsibilities in accordance with the laws and regulations.

Article 77. The State establishes the Travel Destinations Security Risk Warning System. Travel destinations security risks division level and implementation procedures are enacted by the tourism authorities of the State Council in conjunction with the relevant departments.

People’s governments at or above the county level and relevant departments should consider the travel safety as an important part of the monitoring and evaluation of emergency.

Article 78. The people’s governments above the county level shall add the travel emergency management into the government emergency management system, develop of contingency plans, establish the tourism emergency response mechanism.

Emergency occurs, the local people’s government and its departments and agencies should take measures to carry out rescue and assist the tourists to return to the starting point or a reasonable location specified by the tourists.

Article 79. Tour operators should strictly enforce the management of production safety and fire safety management laws, regulations and national standards, industry standards, and provide the appropriate safety conditions, develop the tourist security systems and emergency plans.

Tour operators should be carry out a recurrent emergency rescue skills training to tourists practitioners who provide directly services for tourists, and evaluate the safety of the products and services provided, monitoring and evaluation, to take the necessary measures to prevent the damage from happening.

Tour operators organizing and receiving the elderly, minors tourists and tourists with disabilities should take the appropriate security measures.

Article 80. Tour operators expressly give tourists an explanation or warning in respect of the following matters in the tourism activities:

(A) Proper use of facilities, equipment;

(2) Necessary safety precautions and emergency measures;

(C) Service establishments and facilities, equipment which are not open to tourists, ;

(D) Related activities which are not appropriate for groups to participate;

(E) Other circumstances that may endanger the tourists’ personal and property safety.

Article 81. In case of emergencies or travel security incidents, the tour operator shall immediately take the necessary assistance and measures to deal with the situation and fulfill their reporting obligations in accordance with the law, and make proper arrangements to the tourists.

Article 82. In case of personal and property safety is in danger, tourists have the right to request tour operators, local government and related institutions to provide timely rescue.

Chinese outbound tourists abroad in dire have the right to request the local Chinese Embassy to provide assistance and protection in their duties.

Tourists accepting the aid of the relevant organizations or institutions shall pay the relevant costs due to personal reasons.

This English version of the “Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China” was translated by editors for reference only.

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