Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China – Chapter X

Chapter I General Provisions
Chapter II Tourist
Chapter III Tourism planning and promotion
Chapter IV Tourism operation
Chapter V Travel Services Contract
Chapter VI Tourism Safety
Chapter VII Travel Supervision and Administration
Chapter VIII Tourism Disputes Handling
Chapter IX Legal Liability
Chapter X Supplementary Provisions

Article 111. This Law uses the following terms:

(A) Tour operator refers operator of travel agencies, scenic, transportation, accommodation, dining, shopping, entertainment and other services for tourists.

(B) Scenic sites refers to areas and site that offers tours service for tourists with clear management boundaries.

(C) Package tour contract refers to the situation that a travel agent plans the journey in advance or offer directly or providing through auxiliary persons the travel services such as transportation, accommodation, catering, tour, tour guides or tour escorts service, and the tourists pay a lump-sum payment of travel expenses.

(D) Organizing agent refers to tourists travel agency that signs the package tour contract with the tourists.

(E) Destination tour agent is the tour agency entrusted to accept the tourists at the destination.

(6) Auxiliary person is the natural person or legal person having a contractual relationship with the travel agency to fulfill its contractual obligations of package tour.

Article 112. This Law shall come into force as of October 1, 2013.

This English version of the “Tourism Law of the People’s Republic of China” was translated by editors for reference only.

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