Top 8 Beijing Roast Duck Brands

Talking about Beijing cuisine, everyone would first mention the Beijing Duck ! It is the chief representative of the Beijing cuisine. Beijing roast duck has its long history, unique baking process, mellow color and taste. The diverse range of brands has not only contributed to Beijing’s most famous specialties, but also represents inherent essence of the traditional food culture of China. Here we will introduce to you the Top 8 Beijing Roast Duck Brands, you will enjoy the most distinctive taste of authentic Beijing style roast duck by visiting the outlets under these branded restaurants.

No.1 Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

China’s most famous roast duck brand “Quanjude” was created in 1864 (in the Qing Dynasty). With efforts of several generations of entrepreneurs, Quanjude gained rapid development. In January 1999, “Quanjude” was recognized as “Famous Trademark” as China’s first service brand to obtain this title.

No.2 Liqun Roast Duck


In the North Xiangfeng alley, there is a very humble courtyard with no billboards, no fancy eye-catching decoration. There is only a little sign that says “Liqun Roast Duck Restaurant.” This small courtyard has attracted world famous people to come for dining, including some key officials and movie stars . Liqun Roast Duck is hidden in the depths of the alley, but it always attracts a steady stream of visitors.

No.3 Chang’an No.1 Roast Duck

Locating at the Chang’an Street, a cross point of world’s most popular design elements and traditional idea of space adornment in China, Chang’an No.1 Roast Duck is another premium choice to enjoy the famous Beijing Duck. Guests can see through the clear glass and find out how the ducks are being baked. When the delicate hot duck is on the table and the handsome cook is cutting the duck into accurate 100 pieces, the story telling of “Beijing Duck” has just started…

No.4 Dadong Roast Duck

The founder of Dadong Roast Duck, Dadong is a miracle person in Beijing.
His fame is not only contributed by his extremely successful roast duck business in the city, but also because he is the first MBA cook with a degree in food and beverage management in the Chinese food circle.

No.5 Duck King Roast Duck

Duck King’s biggest characteristic in making roast duck is marked with a breakthrough by giving up the long tradition of strong greasy flavour and introduce the modern nutrition taste.

No.6 Jiuhua Mountain Roast Duck

Jiuhua Mountain Roast Duck is famous not only in Beijing but also in overseas, its limited supply serves only about 1,000 guests each day. No matter celebrities or ordinary visitors will be glad to talk about their dining experience with Jiuhua Mountain Roast Duck.

No.7 Baikui Old Roast Duck

Baikui Old Roast Duck is an old halal restaurant named after its founder Baikui in the Qianlong 45 years (1780).

No.8 Dayali Roast Duck

The Dayali Roast Duck offers delicious food at relatively inexpensive prices. Despite of high or low class food, each dish served provides special flavor although it is often more home style.

Source: Zhonghua Net

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