Three-nose baby pig found in Henan: may be caused by pollution

According to the Xinhua Net, a 3-nose, 3-mouth, 36-teeth baby pig was recently found in Henan Province.

The Dahe News reporter saw this weird baby pig in the pigsty near the owner Zhang Aihua’s house:

The baby pig’s head has three nose (one large and two small) and three mouths, they are basically joined together. According to the owner, the baby pig cannot use one of the three noses to breath, and cannot use one of the three mouths to eat. Subsequently, the owner open the pig’s mouth, the reporter saw the mouth which was full of teeth. “Normal baby pig generally has 8 teeth, but this baby pig has 36.” the owner said.

Person in chief of the Luohe City Zoo, told reporter that in recent years, the park had accepted four-legged chicken, six-legged cow, double-headed snake as well as other similar weird animals. But life span of these malformations is usually very short.

A biological professor told reporter that these malformation animals start as early as during embryonic development, it could be caused by the fertilized eggs being contaminated, resulting in abnormal division. This deformity is very complex, but mainly caused by pesticides, fertilizers, feeding hormones and other pollution enhancing the chance of genetic variation. In the more industrialized areas, animal deformity cases are more common.

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