Three human traffickers drowned a 4-year-old boy alive due to the child was too smart and can’t find a buyer

The suspect trying to recognize the location of drowning the child

Recently the Yuechi police (Sichuan Province) cracked a trafficking murder case happened 18 years ago, all the four suspects have been arrested.

18 years ago, a 4-year-old boy in Liangping County (Chongqing) was hooked by three human traffickers from Guang’an and taken to Fujian for selling.

In October 1995, the three men try to sell the child in Fujian. But since the child was very smart, he had very good memory about everything of his hometown and the house where he lived, a number of buyers considered it as sensitive and refused to buy the child.

On November 7 of 1995, the three men spend all their money, but still did not successfully sell the child. One day the three men carrying the small child were walking along the railway line back to Chongqing. After more than eight hours’ walk, they were very tired, the sky was completely dark. At 11 o’clock that night, they came to a railway bridge near the Minqing City, after discussion the three criminals lured the child into the backpack and threw him into the river from the bridge together with some rocks, and the child was drowned alive.

Source: 华西都市报

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