“The most stringent pollution control measures to be implemented”

Ministry of Environmental Protection: the most stringent pollution control measures to be implemented

The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued a notice on February 27 that from the beginning of this year emission limits of air pollutants will be set  in the area of heavy pollution, the first set of industries to be restricted are: thermal power, iron and steel, petrochemical, cement, nonferrous metals, chemicals and other industries. This is by far China’s most severe measures in the history of the pollution control. Prior to this, the Ministry of Environmental Protection had only used the emission limits in the Taihu Lake Basin to protect the natural environment of the area. Special emission limits direct control the source of air pollution by setting the maximum new amount of atmospheric pollutants. It is anticipated that this will speed up the regions’ industrial structure adjustment and industrial upgrading. In other words, this will again start a new round of industrial transfer within China or around the globe.

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