The snow curtain phenomenon in Northeast China

The area under the management of Dahailin Forestry Bureau in the Northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province is known as the hometown of snow because of the long period of snowing annually, excellent quality of snow and an unique phenomenon called “snow curtain (雪帘) found there.

Cold air from the Lake Baikal and warm air from Sea of ​​Japan meet annually on this area creating the most splendid snow phenomenon in the world. In the winter, the snowy weather can last as long as April the next year, the largest snow conglomerate found there can be as long as more than two meters. The extremely high viscosity of snow contributes to the formation of mushroom-shaped snow conglomerates, which hang from the eaves to the ground making the “snow curtains (雪帘)” which attract a large number of tourists each year.

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